Root Canal

What To Expect After Treatment:

Because cleaning the root canals may cause inflammation of the tissue surrounding the tooth, you may experience some pressure, tenderness or a dull ache under or above your tooth. This usually subsides within several days, but may take up to several weeks to completely go away. Over-the-counter analgesics usually alleviate the discomfort. Should you have intense pain or pain that lasts longer than two weeks, please call us.

Re-treatment may occasionally be necessary. Even though the pulp of the tooth was removed, the tooth is still nourished from the surrounding tissues. As with any living tissue, treatment is sometimes unsuccessful and further treatment or removal of the tooth may be necessary.

How To Take Care Of Your Tooth After A Root Canal:

Most of the time, following endodontic treatment (root canal), a temporary is placed in the tooth. It is important to avoid chewing on the tooth, especially if it’s sensitive, until the tooth can be fully restored. Remember, root canal treatment only treats the nerve system of the tooth. All root canal teeth need a filling to rebuild the tooth after the root has been finished. The majority of teeth treated with a root canal, require a crown in addition to the filling to protect the tooth and to allow for normal tooth size, shape, and function. Fractures are one of the main reasons that a tooth treated with a root canal can fail. The longer that a tooth remains unprotected by a crown the more at risk the tooth becomes. If you have any questions regarding the total treatment needed for your tooth, don't hesitate to call.


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