We have done our best to provide you with well fitted, functional, and esthetic artificial dentures. Please remember that full dentures DO NOT replace natural teeth; they replace space over the bony ridges that held the teeth. You will need time to adjust to your new dentures and the following information may help:

1. New dentures always feel strange when first placed in your mouth. Several days or even a few weeks will be required before you feel accustomed to them.

2. Your mouth may develop a few sore spots after wearing the dentures for the first day or two. These areas can be easily adjusted. You will probably require several adjustments before the denture "settles" into place.

3. The two most common problems that people have with dentures are lack of retention and difficulty eating. Upper dentures are mostly held in place by suction against the roof of your mouth. Some patients get a great amount of suction while others get very little. Much of this is determined by the anatomy of the roof of the mouth or palate. Unless you have great difficulty, we do not recommend denture adhesives. The hardest thing you'll have to master is to chew with food on both sides of your mouth instead of one side at a time. This will keep your denture balanced. Lower dentures are only held in place by gravity and the surface tension between the denture and your gum tissue. During normal functional movements your tongue tends to displace dentures when talking or eating. You will adjust to this in time.  

4. Dentures should be taken out at night and stored in a mixture of Listerine and water. They should be cleaned after meals and before bedtime. You can brush your denture with your normal tooth brush and you should brush your gums as well.

5. Your jaw bones and gums can shrink up to 1/32 of an inch per year when you are missing teeth. You should plan to have your mouth checked once per year so we can inform you when a relining of your denture becomes necessary. Wearing ill fitting dentures can accelerate bone loss and cause serious oral disease.


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